Radum Calls, Radum Calls

Available on Drag City 

Cathal Coughlan features on 3 tracks and includes  lyrical collaboration between Cathal and Sean.

Current Projects

Sean O'Hagan

Alive & At Home


Virtual Reality

Fryars is back after a long wait.

Sean is delighted to have been involved.

Marker Starling

High January is the new album from Marker Starling produced by Sean O'Hagan.

Available from Tin Angel

Cabane Music

Cabane have released the long awaited record

'grande est la maison' as part of

Thomas Jean Henri's multiple diverse project.

Sean collaborated on the songs and arranged the strings .


New Single 'Cellophane' from Oslo's very own Hockney with arrangements and collaboration from  Sean O'Hagn out now.