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Film Music

La Vie d'Artiste was scored with Tim Gane in 2008. The film was the  first major feature from director Marc Fitoussi.

Soudain Joseph
La  Vie d'Artiste
La Consecration
La Nuit
En Route pourl'aventure
Viree Nocturne

Copacabana was the  next movie scored  by Sean and  Tim  in 2010.

 also written directed by Marc Fitoussi featuring Isabelle Huppert.

Viva la Mariee
Les Parapluies de Ostende
Comme dans un film de Minelli

Sunburn ( 1999 ) featuring Cillian Murphy was a comedy / summer camp movie  following a groupof Dublin teens an a Long Island adventure. The High Llamas recorded this  score  in 2 days flat!  

Sunburn Banjo
Sunburn Rio

La Retournelle featured Isabelle Huppert and Bernard  and was set in rural Normandy. Sean scored this Marc Fitoussi movie in 2014 

The  legendary Irish heist movie 

I Went Down  (1995) ,heavily features music  written by Sean

from The High Llamas LP , Gideon Gaye

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